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The goal of this ministry is to open the Word of God to the nations. As such I have been writing and publishing Bible Commentaries and Bible studies for distribution around the world. Translation projects are underway to make the material on this website available in many other languages. The books available here are being shipped free of charge to believers in over sixty countries. They are being used for preaching, Bible study and personal edificaiton. Sales from this site help provide books to many who could never afford to purchase books of this nature.

Light To My Path is a ministry of Action International Ministries with whom I have been involved since 2003. It has been my privilege to work with them in reaching Christian leaders around the world. Feel free to visit their website for more information about the larger ministry or contact them directly at [email protected].

I would be happy to share more about the ministry of Light To My Path Book Distribution. Feel free to contact me at the following addresses:

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